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Protected Species Surveys, Mitigation and Licensing

Where protected species are likely to be affected by your project, Davies Ecology Ltd can give you pragmatic advice and guidance about the most cost effective solution while causing minimum impact to wildlife.


Badger setts can be partially or fully closed under licence if causing damage to private property, company assets or if there is a risk of injury to badgers or damage to their setts by proposed development.
Badger Surveys Set Closures Design and Installation of Artificial Setts
Tree climb


We can provide you with licensed bat surveyors and handlers as well as trained tree climbers (NPTC Unit CS38) for all bat surveys and bat roost inspections. For roosts that need to be moved, we design and install bespoke replacement bat roosts as well as fitting standard prefabricated bat boxes.
'Off The Ground' Tree Inspections Internal/External Building Inspection and Assessment Emergence/Return surveys Static Detector Surveys Bat Roost Design and Installation
Tree climb
Bat in hand
Bat roost


Davies Ecology Ltd can provide a range of survey and mitigation for the great crested newt and all reptile species.
Habitat Suitability Index Assessment Pond Presence / Absence Surveys Using Bottle Trapping or DNA Analysis Destructive Searches Installation of Newt & Reptile Fencing Newt & Reptile Trapping & Translocation Habitat Creation & Enhancement
Slow worm
Great crested newt


Hazel dormouse are found in scrub, hedgerow and woodland. Davies Ecology Ltd offers a range of survey by our Natural England licensed surveyors and along with straight forward mitigation solutions.     
Nut Searches Nest Tube Surveys Destructive Searches Installation of Nest Boxes Trapping & Translocations Habitat Creation & Enhancement



Work to rivers and streams may require a survey for the rare freshwater crayfish. If present we can move and exclude them until the work is complete. Davies Ecology Ltd will work with the Environment Agency, on your behalf, to agree methods and to obtain trapping consents.  
Manual Searching Survey Using Traps Destructive Searches Translocations Trapping & Translocations Habitat Creation & Enhancement


Surveys along rivers, stream, ditches and ponds can reveal field signs of water vole such as feeding, latrines, burrows and runs. Small numbers of water vole can be displaced to adjacent habitat under a Natural England class licence. For larger populations a programme of trapping and translocation is required under a site licence. View The Water Vole Mitigation Handbook.
Manual/Raft Surveys Displacement Destructive Searches Trapping & Translocation Habitat Creation & Enhancement
water vole
water vole droppings


Otters and their holts are protected under UK and European legislation and Davies Ecology Ltd can undertake river / streamside surveys for otter field signs and identify their presence in possible holts through the use of camera traps. Davies Ecology Ltd can assess the impacts of your project and provide design and mitigation guidance to reduce or avoid impacts.
Manual/Raft/Camera Trap Surveys Otter Holt Installation
water vole


We can help you with checks for nesting birds during the bird nesting season and make assessments for WCA Schedule 1 birds such as barn owl and kingfisher which are protected from 'disturbance'. We also install nest boxes including barn owl boxes, nest boxes and house martin, swift and swallow prefabricated nests.


Davies Ecology Ltd has longstanding 'in house' experience of butterfly surveys and site assessment including habitat condition assessments for the marsh fritillary butterfly as well as surveys and habitat management advice for violet feeding fritillary butterflies and other rare and threatened butterfly species.

Bordered Fritillary
A small pearl-bordered fritillary found at The Cheddar Complex SSSI in 2015.
Marsh FritillaryHabitat condition monitoring of SSSI rush pasture for the Marsh Fritillary butterfly on a proposed development site in South Wales.
woodland gladeWoodland glade created to benefit butterflies, plants and invertebrates, The Cheddar Complex SSSI.